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Welcome to THE SONG blog tour! THE SONG is a music-driven love story about things we all pursue – love and meaning. Based on the life and writings of Solomon, this powerful film is already impacting marriages and relationships around the country through advance screenings, and we are asking YOU to help us get the word out to your own circle of influence. Keep reading to learn how to participate in the tour...

Movie Details

  • An aspiring singer-songwriter's life and marriage suffer when the love song written for his wife propels him to stardom.
  • Written and directed by Richard Ramsey; Executive Producer, Kyle Idleman
  • THE SONG stars Alan Powell (lead singer of Anthem Lights), Ali Faulkner ("Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1"), & Caitlin Nicol-Thomas ("Nashville").
  • In theaters nationwide on September 26th

How does the blog tour benefit me?

By signing up for THE SONG blog tour, you will receive an advance screener link to view THE SONG--a month before it releases nationwide! After you've watched the movie, we ask that you write about it on your blog. Let us know when your blog has posted, and we will cross-promote your post on THE SONG website, directing our web traffic back to your blog! This will give fans of the film an opportunity to find your blog space as a participant in the tour. Additionally, the first 150 who blog about THE SONG will get special shout-outs on our Facebook page (over 60k fans) with a link back to your blog. Everyone who participates will receive a prize pack including a THE SONG t-shirt and copy of THE SONG movie soundtrack.

How the Blog Tour Works

The blog tour will take place from August 25th through September 30th.

After you sign up (below), we will email you a link to view THE SONG online. It will expire within 24 hours!

After watching the movie, we encourage you to blog about THE SONG using any of the below themes presented in the film that best fits your own style, subjects, and audience. Please post your blog during the window of August 25th – September 30th. When your blog is live, email us the link at:

Discussion Points/Topics

  • Would you recommend this movie for couples who feel their marriage could use a little boost?
  • Jobs and marriages are similar in that they both require a large investment of time and effort. How do you personally divide your time and energy between the two? Which takes priority? Is that working well for both your job and your marriage? Any personal tips for readers in achieving balance between home and career?
  • Marriage takes work! What have you found that helps to keep a relationship fresh and exciting?
  • For those that have a spouse with a job that travels a lot, how do you stay close emotionally while being apart? Military spouses – Can you share tips for staying connected to your deployed loved one?
  • How important is faith in a relationship or marriage? Is this view shared by your significant other? Has this led to any struggles? If so, what have you found to be the best way to resolve the conflict?
  • Many people are hesitant to see faith films because some movies in this space have placed a religious message above a quality story and filmmaking. How would you compare THE SONG to other Christian films you've seen?
  • THE SONG features some "gritty" content, including alcohol, drugs and extra-marital sex. Do you feel the storyline is plausible? And the content representative of "real life?"
  • Please consider a review of the movie, writing about one of the above themes or writing whatever comes to mind when watching THE SONG. We want this to work for you and the natural style and flow of your blog.

Checklist - Do this BEFORE you hit Publish

  • Intro - let the world know that you are part of THE SONG Blog Tour. Use this blurb or feel free to edit in your own style:
    This post is part of THE SONG Blog Tour, of which I am delighted to be a part, along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more and to join us, CLICK HERE.
  • Outro - Use this blurb or feel free to edit in your own style.
    Positive quote on "The Song," and I encourage you to check this movie out!
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How to Submit a Post

When your blog is live, email us the link at and we'll upload your blog post to THE SONG blog page. Remember, the first 150 bloggers who post will get promoted to our social media audience of over 60k!

Social Media

Our hashtag for all related posts is #SeeTheSong. Feel free to use that whenever you talk about your post. Related Twitter/Instagram handles include:

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